Hunters and Slayers


Damned Hunters!..what is their problem.  A range of possibilities might be considered.

Anyone who's spent time in vampire oriented circles will have heard rumours of vampire hunters. These flare up periodically both on and off the net with a regularity that gets jokes about Hunter Season. Stories go around of something having happened to someone. Then there's a degree of panic, the real thing or the pleasurable titillation of faux danger. The wagons are circled; and a good time is had by all being indignant and rattling sabres. After having run its run its course, the drama will then die down and never be spoken of again. Verifiable facts or names have a way of remaining elusive.

Self-styled vampire hunters with a high enough profile to be generally known draw more jeers than fear. They're dismissed as people who watch too much Buffy or Blade playing out some fantasy, their threat almost never going any further than verbal. Might there actually be some unstable types out there who'd consider anyone they peg as a vampire fair game and harm someone? It's possible. It's statistically far more likely for a killer or psychopath to identify as a vampire than a vampire hunter. There are a good number of real cases on record of the first possibility and almost none of the second. Trends toward people being more litigation-conscious and more circumspect about what they'll say publically may have had an effect, lowering the amount of wild talk of staking or other violence. {For an amusing page of classic Hunter tales see : Rumours of Hunters Killing Mortal Vampires}.

Now and then fights or scuffles between groups occur, which has been known to start hunter rumours though these are more thuggery than anything to do with vampire hunters. The instigators are types who might otherwise have been out queer bashing or picking on some different group but for whatever reason have decided to target goths or vamps.

Discussion of more serious vamp hunters who may be out there can only be speculative. What public discussion of the subject there is to be found has a way of glossing over the Slaying and all that would entail. Killing--the real bottom line here-- isn't an easy thing to do, not getting away with the criminal act nor being able to do it psychologically. A serious vampire hunter, assuming he's not simply insane, would have to be very strongly motivated. There was an interesting speculative thread on the forum. It was proposed that the most likely reasons for a person to want to slay vampires would be religious ones where they see it as spiritual warfare or revenge for some bad, vampire-related incident in their lives. Another proposed : "I have a third scenario for you, in which the hunters are not automatically violent but have a propensity for violence. Imagine a group of people that, for whatever reason, take it into their heads to police the vampire population. Now granted, they are staying out of the limelight, but they A) have the advantage of numbers in working as a group and B) they aren't attacking every vamp in sight, just those they classify as "rouge" status, thereby keeping themselves off the public enemy number one list." There was more on how useful the internet would be to such a hypothetical group for finding vampire targets and how some of their number would be out there in the role of "bait". Before anyone takes this too seriously let it be added that the hypotheticals were for entertainment purposes only and the real point is that danger to mortal vampires from Hunters is, maybe not impossible, but highly unlikely.

Last but not least there are the few "professional" vampire hunters. Their approach to the subject is scholarly with some traditional religious influence. These individuals will have educated themselves in vampirology on Montague Summers lines. The most prominent among them is Sean Manchester of Highgate Vampire Case fame, who has made an in-depth study of the revenant variety of vampire, authored a number of books on the subject and is a bishop consecrated in the Old Catholic tradition. However he and his associates maintain they have no interest at all in any human vampires; as they see it, being alive and being a vampire are mutually exclusive. Bishop Manchester's term for members of the vampire community is "vampiroids", that is, a bunch of deluded lifestylers. Considering some of the other high wyrd-scale things he does avow believing, it seems strange he'd totally discount the possibility of humans who vampirise. No doubt he has his reasons.

The Vampire Hunters Handbook by Sean Manchester