In 1998, I belonged to an online chat community called The Globe.  I'd had an interest in vampires for awhile.   I enjoyed the fictional literature of course, but my real interest lay in learning more of the the real modern day vampire.  Around that time, a group was formed at The Globe called Les Vampires.  It was both a forum and a chatroom for real vampires, donors, friends, and those interested in vampires.  It was in the chatroom that I came to know Raven Nighte, a sang vampire.  I'm a nurse and Raven Nighte was very interested in learning if somehow medicine might be able to help her with her vampiric condition and we struck up a friendship.

       In the pages of Mortal Vampires, you will read her personal perspectives and her journey to find answers about vampirism.  I'm sure you'll be touched in some way, as I was.

       For personal reasons, Raven Nighte couldn't continue to manage Les Vampires, so I became the group's caretaker several years ago.  We've preserved the work Raven Nighte did on Mortal Vampires.  We've continued with the quest and goals that she and I talked of long ago - to make Les Vampires a place where people come to seek answers, hopefully finding them; a House where real vampires, donors, friends and those interested feel comfortable to congregate, socialize and discuss vampirism and related issues.


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