Section 1 : Beliefs and Definitions

Define vampire and vampirism.
Vampire-one who NEEDS the energy of another to survive (does not include lycanthropy or `believing' one needs blood).
Vampirism-The lifestyle and act of preying upon other creatures for sustenance.

Would you define vampires as human or non-human?
INhuman. A non-human soul within a human body.

Do you believe that there's more than one kind vampire? If so, what do you think those kinds are and what defines them?
Sanguinarians- Blood drinkers.
Psi Vampires- Pranic energy feeders.
Bodiless Vampires- The astral based vampires of lore.
Leeches- those little squirmy things you find in lakes.

Section 2 : Traits

Do you believe vampires are born, made, or some of each?
Born only.

Do you believe non-vampires can be turned into vampires?
If you think non-vampires can be turned into vampires how might that be accomplished?

Do you think there are certain traits that all vampires share? What are they?
If a self-proclaimed vampire doesn't exhibit these traits how would you classify them?

Yes, but it varies from individual to individual.
The most basic are light sensitivity in eyes, skin.
Slightly more pronounced eye teeth (though humans can have this too without any vampire blood in them).
Fragile emotional state.
Different mentality altogether from the average person.
Very sensitive to certain astral calls that few humans can sense.
A great deal of self control, since the older the vampire-the more pain they have endured and the stronger they've become mentally because of it.

If these traits aren't exhibited, it doesn't mean they're not. It could just mean the blood line is weaker or there's been an adaptation.
Even normal people can show some, if not all, of the characteristics. Though they'd more or less be mentally insane, a sociopath or have other numerous biological reasons for the physical states.

Section 3 : Sang~Psi~Self-Perception

How do you know you're a vampire, or if you're not, what would make you think someone else was one?
Vampires have a very distinct energy signature or aura type that can be sensed if you know how to look for it.
Otherwise you will just `know' if you are one or not. There will come a point when it all adds up and you feel whole. Not proud and giddy and conceited, but whole.

If your definitions include "energy," define "energy."
If not, what do you believe the vampire draws sustenance from?
Energy as defined in the physics sense of the word: a force that can be put towards something or someone.

Have you ever consumed blood? If so, how does doing so effect you?
Refrain from answering this question.

Do you believe in "psychic/psionic" abilities?
If so, do you think vampires have enhanced abilities in this area?
I believe in it. And it's kind of like humans, it's distributed based on blood work, genetics, training and luck. All creatures have it, not all creatures tap it.

Do you believe that all vampires need to consume blood or that some can feed by tapping energy directly(psionically)?
I believe there is a way for even sanguinarians to feed without drawing blood, but it takes a lot of time and effort to put together. It's not the blood vampires crave really, it's what's inside the blood.

Section 4 : Spiritual and Social

Do you follow a particular spiritual path and if so what is it?
I study all sorts of paths and pick and choose what fits and what doesn't. Seeking the truth from all religions I suppose.

Does your spirituality or religion have any relationship to vampirism?
Do you believe that vampirism has a religious context or is a religion?
Vampirism is not a religion but there are cults of it. All major religions are technically a cult. So in a backwards way I can be considered one. My spirituality has the only relationship to vampirism a vampire can give it.

Do you believe in physical immortality, and if so can vampires be immortal?
What about spiritual immortality?
Spiritual immortality, yes. Physical immortality is not achieved by the typical vampire in any forum, chat room, or interview across the globe.

What do you think would be the ideal relationships between vampires and society? What do you see the real relationship between vampires and society as being?
Ideal is understanding, communication and tolerance. 24-hour stores. Unfortunately, most societies are run by fear and I can't think of anything more fear-inducing than never knowing if the thing standing next to you is or is not ready and willing to gouge you out a new wound and lap up your blood like a dog.

Do you think there should be an overall community or organisation for all vampires?
If so how should it be structured?
If not, why not?
There are plenty. Just like humans, not all vampires get along with every other vampire.