It is hard for me
just as it is hard for you to accept me for what I am.
I live this life, unaccepted for who I really am.
It is not right,
but it is something I have learned to accept.
I am the outcast that everyone fears in their own way.
I live unlike most.
I am afraid.
Sometimes I sit, depressed, shaking.
I want so much for the world to hold me
and tell me it's alright to be like I am.
I want friends that can talk with me, and enjoy things with me.
I want my mother to hold me in her arms.
To wipe the tears from my eyes.
I long to be honest
I long to know a god in my heart.

Anonymous Vampire

A mortal vampire is not to be confused with the fictional characters
portrayed in the popular vampire movies or books. 
A mortal vampire is a normal human being, 
with the physical need to drink blood. 

Mortal vampires tend to have similar symptoms which include
headaches, sleep deprivation (at times),
stomach problems, clumsiness, some light sensitivity, 
and what I term the "Hunger". 
Not all suffer every symptom, 
but these seem to be characteristic.

I will discuss many aspects of the mortal vampire,
such as why they should not be considered
blood fetishists or mentally ill. 
I will also discuss their donors, 
coming out and the possibility that it is a 
medical or genetic condition among many others.


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