vampire lovers

I have received many emails and letters from mortal vampires
concerning love and how they can tell the ones they trust and love most
that they suffer from mortal vampirism.

This is not an easy question to answer,
In fact,
there is no one answer for every one.


Imagine, If you will...

You fall in love,
you spend years with someone.
You share all of your secrets, desires, passions.
You care for that person so deeply.
You are in love.

One day,
the person tells you they suffer.
They tell you all, and what they need to feel better.
What would you do?

Is the trust lost?
Is this a different person you love?
Is this person whom you gave everything to a mental case?
Are they crazy, really crazy?
Are they into some freaky fetish?


All of the above questions go through the mortal vampire's mind when beginning to think
about telling their love they are a mortal vampire.

So what do they do?

Some MV's remain quiet.
They do not tell their love out of fear of losing them.
They find donors who will remain quiet and keep this secret.
Others bleed themselves,
lying about clumsiness with knives or things at work.
0thers tell their love when they are at the point where they have no
other choices.

This is the hardest task a mortal vampire faces in their lives,
if they are in love with someone they did not tell in the beginning,
which is usually the case.


When answering emails from mortal vampires about love,
I tend to weigh the situation and let them make their own choices.
As I have said, there is no one final answer.
Each mortal vampire must decide on his or her own what to do.

Each circumstance and answer is different.
Some who find donors consider this cheating their love;
that the one they want to give themselves to totally might not love them anymore.

Those who bleed themselves fear that questions might be raised.

And the ones who tell?
Some remain in love, and others lose.


Love by ** anonymous mortal vampire

Dear Raven,
I have been with a man for 8 years now and unfortunately I have never told
him I needed blood for physical reasons.
He knows I get sick alot, and I have been to many doctors, just so he
will know Im trying to find out what is wrong, although I know.
I love this man with all of my heart, but I am so afraid to tell him.
I know many people say if he loves me he can accept anything, and they are
probably right.
But I am really afraid.
I have never known such happiness when I look in his eyes, yet I feel
like I am deceiving him.
I have another donor, but I do not want to continue like this.
Somehow I feel like I am cheating on him.
There is no sexual conduct involved, but I want so much for us to share this,
I want so much to tell him and for him to accept me like this.
I know I have deceived him by not telling him in the beginning, but how do you tell someone this?
It's not a very common thing to tell someone on the first date.

~rest deleted for personal reasons~

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