Now we get to the part where mortal vampires want to come out
to the public and stop hiding.
What makes this hard is the mythology, folklore
and fears people have about vampires.
As we all know, vampires are considered evil.
Where does this belief come from?

Actually, these beliefs were brought on by
paranoid religious leaders, writers of fiction
and the media.

How many of you, when you think of the vampire,
think of the handsome or beautiful being
walking around in a cape?
Or how many have heard the horror stories
of so called vampire cults?

Hopefully, these pages will dispel those beliefs
or at least help to do this.
As you have probably read in the previous pages,
mortal vampires are not evil,
they are not supernatural, and they do not walk around
in capes turning into bats or wolves.

Here we have normal human beings,
who happen to need blood to sustain themselves
and ease pain.

So what is so bad about this?
Past beliefs.

What most mortal vampires would like
is to be able to go to a medical doctor,
tell them they suffer, and what eases the pain,
tell them the truth, instead of hiding the truth.
The mortal vampire wants to be able to be free of the
guilt that surrounds them.
And they want not to fear persecution from society.
Is this to much to ask?

Do mortal vampires have to fear the human race?
I would love to think not,
but then I would be a fool.

Real fears exist in society, real enough that a mortal vampire
might have to fear for their life sometimes.

This is not right; nor should it be .

Let all who come here not do so to judge
but to learn to understand and accept.
Then perhaps spread the word
and some first steps can be taken to giving mortal vampires
a normal existance.

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