Many people, when told of the mortal vampire, claim the condition to be of a psychological nature...that these people are insane, or suffer some other mental disorder.
Other suggestions I have heard, is that the mortal vampire is caught up in the "vampire lore", and thus acting out to be "cool".

There is but one reason why the mortal vampire is not to be labeled this way. That reason...
The mortal vampire has been the way he/she is since the beginning.
That is, from the time of early childhood, and some since infancy, have had this with them.
My argument to those who cannot accept the mortal vampire as being a normal human being who suffers from something unique, is how on earth can a child so young, perhaps even an infant come up with these ideas?
A normal 2 year old child has no idea of "vampire lore", nor does an infant.
But, the idea is there, the feeling, and the needs.
So many of the mortal vampires I have spoken to say that they have never felt like they belonged in todays society.
Considering what a mortal vampire suffers, it is no wonder.

Let those of you reading these pages, try to understand, and try not to label the mortal vampire a mental case, because in fact they are not.
Somewhere out there lies a clue to this all, and the first step is acceptance not reluctance.
I agree that there are many people claiming to be vampires, and some may be infatuated with the fictional vampire. But here lies a clue...
Most mortal vampires will tell you that they have been this way, and that they suffer.  No glamour-seeking is to be found with the mortal vampire, and this is one more difference.


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