Throughout the whole vast shadowy world
of ghost and demons,
There is no figure so terrible,
no figure so dreaded and abhorred,
yet dight with such fearful fascination,
as the vampire,
who is himself neither ghost nor demon,
but yet who partakes the dark natures and possesses
the mysterious and terrible qualities of both.
"Vampire Hunter"  Reverend Montague Summers

I intend to dispel Rev. Summers words and beliefs...
With all due respect--
Raven Nighte

Here we are at the page concerning Vampire Hunters.
So what is a Vampire Hunter?
Just what it says:
People who hunt vampires.
So what would make a person want to hunt other humans...

I have heard a few reasons that these people feel
they need to rid the rest of us of vampires.

One such reason is they feel the vampire is evil.
This again comes from myth, fiction, and role playing.
Of course it's not true,
but many Hunters feel they may be doing a service to God or society.
What we need to consider here,
is that no matter what,
killing or attacking another human being is wrong.
Education is the key here.
Mortal Vampires and others
need to communicate with Hunters on a safe ground,
say email, icq, chats etc.
Hunters need to get to know mortal vampires,
and realize that they are human beings,
and are not monsters by any means.

There are however,
different types of Hunters,
and they should not be confused with each other.

The first type of Hunter, sorry to say,
is a person who actually believes in the immortal, mythological vampire
or the vampire of fiction such as the Anne Rice creations.
These are the Hunters who threaten the lives of others
and who must be avoided.
Unfortunately, they are too lost in some Buffy
fantasy land to know right from wrong.

But then there are the Hunters
who might possibly learn from contact with mortal vampires,
these are the people who may just be misguided.
People who really believed they were doing the right thing,
for whatever reason.

Recently I've also spoken to the type of vampire hunter whose motive
is to learn about vampires and to gather information.
These are just people who want to understand, and perhaps help vampires by
getting to know who they are and in turn educating the misguided others.

I have not spoken to many hunters in great detail,
but I am planning to soon.

Maybe they can shed more light on why they attack others...
or feel they need to.
I cannot say if they will have a reason that I can accept,
but I am open to hearing them,
just as I hope they are willing to hear me and my friends speak.

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