The "Hunger" that the mortal vampire feels, is more of an emotional and physical feeling so to speak, rather than a real hunger.
I termed this the hunger, for lack of a better term.

This "hunger" causes the mortal vampire to want to feed on blood, and basically gnaws at the insides of the mortal vampire. It causes physical pain in most cases in the form of severe stomach pains, and headaches.
These pains may die down if the mortal vampire does not feed but it takes a great while, and when it comes back, the pain is more severe.
If the mortal vampire does feed, these pains immediately stop, and lay dormant again until the next need is present.

So, what causes this "Hunger"?
We have not been able to find out.
But the more people that are made aware of the mortal vampire, and the pain that they suffer,then hopefully, we can soon get this question answered.

Please visit the pages entitled Coming out of the Coffin..." and
"Why people should not fear".
I hope these pages will let people decide that the mortal vampire is not to be feared, nor condemned, but that they suffer something that deserves support and medical attention.

With this said, I feel it important to tell you, that the mortal vampire never takes from someone without their consent, and the mortal vampire is not to be confused with a cult, or those so-called vampires and their followers heard of in the media, who have committed violent crimes.
They are normal human beings with love, compassion, and humanity.

The Hunger as described by a Mortal Vampire

I sit here now, with the hunger inside of me.
I do so much want a release,
I want to feed.
This is a feeling inside that overwhelms me...
Sometimes I feel like I cannot take it.
Have you ever had a passion so intense that it just took
over your very being?
This is what I feel like now.
My emotions are on overdrive, the pain is intense.
And there is nothing I can do,
but to feed this desire, this overpowering hunger.
I feel anger, yes.
Anger that I cannot do anything.
I hate myself right now, and no others.
And yet, I can change this anger into love
when I go to feed.
I will love the one who shares with me
and lets me ease my suffering.
Do not hate me, do not fear me.
I need to be released from this,
and I shall go to do so soon,
with the consent of my love.

"Anonymous Vampire"


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