There are many people in today's society
that would condemn or fear the mortal vampire.
The main reasons are the belief that all aspects
of vampirism are that of a satanic nature,
or of the occult, and ideas based
on fictional and mythological images of vampires
found in popular books, movies, etc.

Well, I have created this page to inform you
that the mortal vampire isn't a fictional character,
nor is the mortal vampire a part of some cult or satanic
belief system.*
In fact, I have met several MV's who are the opposite...

The mortal vampire is not going to come to your house and enter
like a mist or shadow through your bedroom window.
The mortal vampire is not going to steal your soul
and take it to hell.
The MV is a normal human being with a need that is
different from the rest of society.

The only way a true mortal vampire gets the blood they need
is through WILLING donors.
They will not attack anyone. They have no immortal
powers, and they cannot make you immortal.

Forget all of fiction for a moment,
forget the religious beliefs based on myth,
and keep an open mind.
This is what is needed now, by all mortal vampire's.

(*All have their religious beliefs.
I cannot say definately there are NO followers of Satanism.
Just as society cannot say this...*
Basically people, I have to cover my butt here.)


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