Someone pointed out to me that I have left something out in these pages.
That being,  how does one become a mortal vampire
and what the consequences of being a mortal vampire are.

From all of my research on mortal vampires,  nothing
definite has come to my attention as how one becomes a mortal vampire.
I have found that either they were born this way,
or it has come about during puberty.

I am constantly searching for this answer.

I have heard several theories such as genetics,
a disease perhaps...
the list goes on and on.

As soon as I come up with something more definite within my research
and we get more of the medical community involved perhaps
then I might be able to answer how one becomes a mortal vampire.

The consequences to being a mortal vampire is something
I do know more about and can explain.

When one suffers from mortal vampirism,
one tends to lose their identity.
This is one thing.
Going through life, a mortal vampire notices
they really do not belong in today's society.
Not so much they are monsters like the movies portray,
or that they feel inferior,
but that they feel like outcasts,  unaccepted.
Mortal vampires have a hard time making and finding friends.

The identity is lost because some mortal vampires start
conforming or acting in order to be accepted.
They have to hide their true identity from the world.

This leads to all other consequences, if you can imagine.

It causes hiding true activities and feelings from all including the
mortal vampire's family.  It is not a very easy task to say hey
mom or dad, I drink blood, and I need it,
unless the mortal vampire has suffered from infancy
...and the parents have some clue.

Other consequences include, of course, others finding out
that you don't want to.  Imagine finally trusting someone...
then telling them you want to drink their blood and they freak...
It is a secret identity which the mortal vampire has to live by to protect themselves.

Another possibility is fear of disease from tainted blood.
Yes, mortal vampires worry about this,
Remember, they are mortal.

The other consequence of being a MV is that of love...
A touchy subject which I know many suffer from.
I will cover this in the page Vampire Lovers

The list can go on and on.
I have covered what came to mind just now.

This page is an ongoing project and not in the least finished;
I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts.

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