Hunters : That Time of Year Again
Author - Shortgoth


Originally posted to the Les Vampires Ygroup list Aug 05

You know, I made a joking comment in a LesVamp chat recently for the bi-annual scaremongering to begin.

Sadly, my joking comments about scaremongering are of the "half in jest, all in deadly earnest" type. Because, amusing as it is, once you've been around the vamp scene for a few years you'll notice that roughly every 6 months there comes a new story of a vamp attacked by a person or group of people that are alleged to be hunters.

The problem is that not a single one of these claims have ever been substantiated. There is never any evidence, there are never police incident report numbers (and whether the police "refuse to believe" as is always claimed or whether they go ahead and investigate, you will *always* get a case reference/incident report/whatever your local police department chooses to call it number).

The central problem is that people *want* to believe in hunters. People like to feel special and superior and deep down all vamps like the idea of people out to kill them, it's a subconscious power trip much like any other minor or major paranoia complex. In some cases, it's benign, in some cases, it's harmful to the individual and the vamp community as a whole. Every time a person concocts a story about "hunters" (and believe me, I've seen some hilariously unbelievable ones) others chime in with "Oh, I heard about another group in X" or "A friend of a friend had a run in with some guy in Y", and then a third person jumps in with some helpful advice.

The next sentence applies to everyone, regardless of race, creed, lifestyle, or anything else:

Cultivate a healthy paranoia. It's always good to be aware of your suroundings, of people around you, of the general situation.

BUT STOP FUCKING SCAREMONGERING. If you *personally* have a run in with a self-proclaimed hunter;

1) Report it to the police 2) Tell everyone you know about it. Use YOUR NAME and THEIR NAME and DETAILS. 3) Post to the 'net, WITH A POLICE REPORT NUMBER SO WE KNOW YOU AREN'T BULLSHITTING.

If, however, all you have are second hand stories, bullshit, or a person that's disappeared (one with a fucking history of disappearing no less. "OMG, He's gone for the sixth time this year! Let's all fucking panic about it!") for a short while, shut the fuck up.

It is everyone's duty to learn to defend themselves if need be. It is everyone's responsibility to themselves to keep themselves safe and secure, and help others achieve the same ends. It it *not* your job to go around shouting warnings and adding two and two in ANY situation and come up with 5, let alone doing so and then then posting about it and creating a general panic.

For those of you reading all these stories, take them with a more- than-generous helping of salt. Not a single one of these "hunter warnings" in all the years I've been online have ever been verified as truth. In fact, after the first message and the resulting few weeks of scaremongering and panicing by the newbies, the incident is always completely forgotten about and never mentioned again. If "hunters" were a serious threat, there would be far more talk, and far more FACTS, about the groups and individuals as well as a significant caselog. You do get the odd psychotic or sociopath that does indeed claim to be a hunter or a slayer and does indeed kill someone claiming them to be a bloodsucking revenant. However, not a single one of their "victims" thus far has been (confirmed as) what we consider a "real vamp", these are just nutters attacking people completely randomly due to their delusions. These people are just the other side of the coin to the delusional psychotics that believe themselves to be bloodsucking revenants and end up in the newspapers after killing a few people.

Consider this in relation to the above; there are dozens of news stories in printed press and available online about the latter of the two types of psychotic, yet only 3 I know of of the former. You what what this means? YOU are far more likely to be attacked by a delusional psychotic claiming to be a vampire than you are to be attacked by a delusional psychotic claiming to be a hunter.

In fact and in addition to the above; You are statistically far more likely to be robbed (burglarised), mugged, raped, or be attacked purely at random by a passing drunk than have ANY form of psychopath or sociopath attack you, especially for the reason that you're a bloodsucker and he is under the delusion of being a hunter.

Danny (moderator for common fucking sense)